Socioecononomic Mobility and Human Development

The 2020/2021 Philippine Human Development Report with the theme Socioeconomic Mobility and Human Development is the 8th in the series of Reports which began in 1994. It focuses on processes that allow people and families to improve their welfare over time and sustain such improvements across generations and how factors related to human development are very important in sustaining such processes.

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2020/2021 PHDR Report – complete volume

2020/2021 PHDR Contents

Cover & Title Page
Foreword- HDN
Foreword- NEDA
I: Socioeconomic Mobility and Human Development (Theme Chapter)
II: Human development in Philippine provinces: 1997-2015
Technical Notes and Statistical Annexes

Background Papers

Social Mobility in the Philippine Labor Market by Lawrence Dacuycuy
How Well Has Education Helped Families Escape Poverty? by Edita Abella Tan with Charles Siriban
Understanding the Linkages between Land and Income Inequality (Policy Note) by Leonardo Lanzona
Financial Assets and Income Mobility by Marco Paderanga
Social Capital as Participation and Networking toward Social Mobility by Mary Racelis and Skilty Labastilla
Political Values of the Philippine Middle Class: Evidence from the World Values Survey by Anna Marie Karaos