PHDR Discussion Paper Series | Other Publications

The PHDN discussion paper series features research papers and case studies commissioned by the Network in the theme areas of the Philippine Human Development Reports. These are authored by experts in their respective fields who were invited to contribute to the development and publication of the national reports.

Socioeconomic Mobility and Human Development

Background Papers

Social Mobility in the Philippine Labor Market by Lawrence Dacuycuy

How Well Has Education Helped Families Escape Poverty? by Edita Abella Tan with Charles Siriban

Understanding the Linkages between Land and Income Inequality (Policy Note) by Leonardo Lanzona

Financial Assets and Income Mobility by Marco Paderanga

Social Capital as Participation and Networking toward Social Mobility by Mary Racelis and Skilty Labastilla

Political Values of the Philippine Middle Class: Evidence from the World Values Survey by Anna Marie Karaos


Geography and Human Development

Background Papers

Land Use Policy Impacts on Human Development in the Philippines Arturo Corpuz

Geography and Household Employment Behavior in the Philippines (Draft) Geoffrey Ducanes

Geography and Public Planning: Case Studies of Institutional Arrangements. Interagency Planning in the Agriculture, Agrarian Reform and Natural Resources Sector (DA, DAR, DENR) Jude Esguerra and Nikkin Beronilla

Geography and Public Planning: Albay and Disaster Risk Management Agnes Espinas

Models of Area-Based Convergence: Lessons from the Bicol River Basin Development Program (BRBDP) and Other Programs Jeanne Illo

Geography, Classrooms and Policies: Inefficiencies of the Internal Government Structure Leonardo Lanzona, Jr. (March 16, 2012)

Dauis Waterwells: A Case Study of Self-Governing Common Pool Resource Management Marianito Luspo

Philippine Provinces: Division as Accommodation Victorino Manalo (April 4, 2013)

Spatial Analysis of Income Growth in the Philippines: Evidence from Intra-Country Data (1988 to 2009) Dennis Mapa, Manuel Albis, Dorcas Mae Comandante, Josephine Cura, and Ma. Maureen Ladao (April 1, 2013)

The State of the Philippine Environment: An Update on Chapter 4 of the 1994 Philippine Human Development Report Antonia Corinthia Naz

Geography and Political Families (Draft) Temario Rivera

Geography and Public Planning: The Sta. Rosa Watershed, A Case Study in Interlocal, Public-Private Sector Resource Management Edgardo Tongson

The ‘Alliance of 7’: Climate Change Adaptation in the Greater Metro Manila Region Arnold Philip Tuaño and Joselito Sescon

Mapping Philippine Agro-Ecological Zones (AEZS), Technical Notes Manila Observatory (June 6, 2012)

Comments on “Mapping Philippine Agro-Ecological Zones (AEZS), Draft Technical Notes”

In Search of A Human Face: 15 Years of Knowledge Building on Human Development in the Philippines

1. Postscripts

a. Human Development Must Wear A Human Face: Reflections on 15-Year Journey Gelia T. Castillo

b. Gender Concerns and Human Development Jeanne Frances I. Illo

c. Basic Education: All’s Still Not Well Michael M. Alba

Congestion in Public Elementary Schools Michael M. Alba

d. Unemployment, Work Security, and Labor Market Policies Emmanuel F. Esguerra (Not available as a separate paper. Please check pp. 252-267 of the book)

e. A Different View of Insurgencies Benedict J. Tria Kerkvliet

When Reforms Don’t Transform: Reflections on Institutional Reforms in the Department of Education Ma. Cynthia Rose Bautista, Allan B.I. Bernardo, and Dina Ocampo

Institutions, politics and human development

1. Background papers

a. The Challenge of Governance in a Large Bureaucracy (Department of Education): Linking governance to performance in an under-performing sector Juan Miguel Luz

b. When Reforms Don’t Transform: Reflections on institutional reforms in the Department of Education Ma. Cynthia Rose Bautista, Allan Bernardo, Dina Ocampo

c. A case study of the decentralization of health and education services in the Philippines Joseph Capuno

d. The Philippine Bureaucracy: Incentive structures and implications for performance Toby Monsod

e. Case Study: The influence of the budget process on governance effectiveness Emily Boncodin

2. Technical Issues/Notes

a. 2008 Philippine Human Development Report (Technical Annex) Sharon Faye Piza, Regina Salve Baroma

b. The Office of the Ombudsman: Is there institutional weakness? Transparency and Accountability Network

c. 2000 Life Table Estimates for the Philippines and Provinces by Sex Josefina Cabigon

Peace, Human Security and Human Development in the Philippines

1. History of Armed Conflict

a.Evolution of the Armed Conflict on the Communist Front Atty. Soliman Santos, Jr.

b.Evolution of the Armed Conflict on the Moro Front Atty. Soliman Santos, Jr.

2. Case Studies

a.Human Development, Economic and Social Costs, and Spillovers of Conflict: The Case of the Province of Lanao del Sur Yasmin Busran-Lao

b.Case Study on the Human Development and Economic Costs/Spillovers of Armed Conflict in Bicol Fr. Jovic Lobrigo et al.

c.Philippine Human Development Report 2005: Metro Manila-Rizal Case Study Dr. Noel Morada

3. Institutional Responses

a.Institutional and Politico-Administrative Responses on Armed Conflicts Dr. Alex Brillantes, Jr.

b.Institutional Response: Civil Society Miriam Coronel-Ferrer

c.Institutional Responses to Armed Conflict: The Armed Forces of the Philippines Dr. Carolina Hernandez

4. Early Warning System

a.Ideologically Motivated Conflicts in the Philippines: Exploring the Possibility of an Early Warning System Dr. Ma. Cynthia Rose Banzon Bautista

b.Ideologically Motivated Conflicts in the Philippines: In Search of Underlying Causes Rosemarie G. Edillon

5. Other Papers

a.Macroeconomic Effects of Conflict (powerpoint presentation) Geoffrey Ducanes and Mitzirose Legal

b.Notes on Macroeconomic Effects of Conflict Geoffrey Ducanes

c.Putting the Money where the Mouth is-ODA in Mindanao: A View from the Communities Marides Gardiola

d.Strengthening Dialogue and Socio-economic Development amidst Conflict in the Philippines Philip Arnold Tuano

6. Commissioned Surveys

a.Ulat ng Bayan Survey, October 21-November 8, 2006. Final Report For The Human Development Network. Public Perceptions on Muslims in the Philippines Pulse Asia

b.Ulat ng Bayan Survey, March 3-16, 2005. Final Report For The Human Development Network. Public Perceptions on Muslims in the Philippines. Pulse Asia

Policy Notes

The Cost of War in Human Dimension: The Case of Lanao del Sur

Armed Conflict in Bicol: The Price Does Not Come Cheap

Civil Society Institutional Response: Peaceful Intervention to Resolve Armed Conflicts

The AFP’s Institutional Responses to Armed Conflict: a Continuing Quest for the Right Approach

Extracting the Root to Reap the Fruit: Searching for a Possible End to Armed Conflict

Development Research News

Ideologically Motivated Conflicts in the Philippines: Exploring the Possibility of an Early Warning System

Cross-border Trade in Higher Education: What Are Our Chances?

The Bias Against Muslims: A creeping perception

Costs and Spillovers of the AFP vs NPA armed conflicts: MM-Rizal case study

Other Publications

In addition the Network has published a number of books and monographs related to issue of human development.

A Woman’s Work Is Never Done: A Review of Literature on Women 1986-1996by Rosalinda Pineda-Ofreneo, Rosario del Rosario, Ma. Delia Monares, Victoria Narciso Apuan and Merceditas Cruz

Globalization: Its Effects on Growth and EquityProceedings of the Third Sustainable Human Development Forum

Indigenization of HDI: The Case of the Minimum Basic Needs Approach by Victoria Bautista

National Elementary Assessment Test and the National Secondary Assessment Test by Michael Tan

Indicators of Good Governance: Developing an Index of Governance Quality at the LGU Level by Rosario Manasan, Eduardo Gonzales and Romualdo Gaffud

Who’s Afraid of Capital ControlsProceedings of the Sixth Sustainable Human Development Forum

Human Rights Approach to Governance of Multi-cultural and Multi-ethnic States Proceedings of the Launching of the 2000 Global Human Development Report and Forum

Making New Technologies Work for Human Development Proceedings of the 2001 Launch- Forum on the 2001 Global Human Development Report